Hubble Nursery Pal Skyview


MSRP £219.99

See and hear your baby from anywhere with the new Hubble Nursery Pal Skyview.

Use the crib mount to have an overhead View of your baby.  When at home, use the 5" parent unit or stream live video in full HD using the app when on the run.

The digital pan and tilt allow you to oversee the entire room. Never miss a detail with the zoom feature. The night light allows you to sleep train your little one seamlessly.

Monitor the room temperature to ensure the nursery is comfortable for your baby.

Speak to and hear our little one with two-way talk and soothe them to sleep with a lullaby, soothing sound, audiobook, or personal recording.

When your baby is not in their crib, simply detach the camera to use elsewhere in your home.

The Hubble Nursery Pal Skyview is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and Is ready to answer questions, such as, What is the room temperature in the nursery?".