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Notable Press & Media Mentions

"Since it connects to WiFi, you can manage it with the Hubble App to see what's going on when you're not around, which makes it perfect for pets, babysitters, or just your home's overall security."

- Mashable

14 JANUARY 2021

"This genius product from Hubble Connected lets you weigh your baby at home and doubles as a changing pad. The scale is light enough (2.6 lbs) to move around your home or bring with you when you leave."

- Redtri

6 APRIL 2021

"Upping the baby monitoring game with smart camera baby mobiles, a camera with interchangeable platforms and a health-tracking baby bed insert, all on the Hubble Connected platform. "


7 JANUARY 2021


Written by Sarah Kovac and Nadine Jolie Courtney

"The Hubble Connected baby monitor maintained a leg up over many of the other monitors we tested for one simple reason: it comes with a handheld parent unit as well as an app. The convenience of this cannot be overstated: it allows you to check in on your baby while you’re out and about, thanks to the Hubble App."

"It's an impressive system...You can view video and control the camera and its features using the included handheld monitor or with your phone and the Hubble app"

- PCMag

8 March 2020

"Great baby monitor. I love being able to see and hear my baby in the other room... I installed the app on my tablet and two phones, and I love this feature. The user interface is very simple to navigate and understand, no need to worry that it might be too complex for any user, it's very simple. The step by step instructions and prompts will get you up and running in no time at all."

- Women's Health

6 APRIL 2021

"Hubble Connected also unlocks insights into your baby’s behavior. Hubble’s Sleep Insights Service can recognize when your baby is in her crib and capture and analyze her movements using a cloud-based algorithm. This is displayed as easy-to-understand visual data on sleep patterns, movements, and sleep quality."

- Tech Hive

30 APRIL 2020

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