ISMS Policy & Scope

ISMS Policy

Here at Hubble Connected, we aim to maintain a secure work environment and protect the information associated in delivering baby monitoring systems and lifestyle products.

To achieve this, we shall

  1. Train our employees in a secure manner in which we preserve confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information and assets of the organization.
  2. Comply with interested party requirements including statutory and regulatory.
  3. Continuously improve the process and systems through measurable information security objectives.
  4. Design and develop products and services that maintain our required security frameworks.

ISMS Scope

The ISMS Scope covers following areas with reference to products and services developed at Hubble Connected:

Design ensures resilient and flexible architecture. We shall consider an overall understanding of software requirement. We shall follow best defined set of concepts, principles and practices. To have easy change approach and ensure any necessary changes are easier to implement thereby to prevent error or have minimal effect due to these changes.

We will follow systematic approach to build scalable and secure application to increase business productivity. To ensure software process reuse, process maturity modeling and reengineering for quality and productivity.

Testing helps effective performance of software applications and ensures it will meet the software requirements. We shall implement proper testing procedures to ensure quality and reliability of the application. To have credibility, while also improving work processes and efficient quality product.

Monitoring ensures continuous availability and performance of the application. We shall monitor continuously all the necessary servers and its metrics to meet utmost availability, health of the application. We will ensure timely alerts with best monitoring practices and provide service support to resolve the issues with proactive measures.

The scope covers Design, Development, Testing, Monitoring & Service Support for Applications and servers.

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