Hubble Nursery Pal Glow+

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Always innovating and inspiring, Hubble Connected is constantly working to produce the most exciting product line available to new parents across the country. Nursery Pal Glow+, the newest addition to this proud collection, is yet another example of how ours' is more than just a baby monitor.

Glow+, the 5" Smart HD Baby Monitor, is the perfect companion for your nursery. The complimentary parent unit has an impressive 1000ft/300m range.

And with a battery life of up to 15 hours, it's as consistent and reliable as it is sleek. From the parent unit, track room temperature or easily adjust your view with remote pan, tilt, and zoom. With Infrared Night Vision, that view remains crystal clear even in the dark.

Hubble Connected products are no longer just for parents. Soothe your sweet baby with preinstalled nature sounds, lullabies, and bedside stories, or calm them with the familiar sound of your voice with two-way communication. For bedtime, the baby unit features a 7-colour night light, as well as an expert-designed Sleep Trainer to help your little one develop strong sleep habits.

Download the HubbleClub app for even more incredible features. With a HubbleClub subscription, access Video Recording and the Baby Growth & Development Tracker, so you can capture the special moments and log each meaningful milestone. Finally, make sure to set up sound and motion notifications on your smart device to stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Nursery Pal Glow+. More Than Just a Baby Monitor.