Roo Disclaimer

Licensing agreement :

By using Roo Prenatal Device and Hubble Connected App (referred to below as “the device”), the user agrees to and affirms the following:

  1. Not to hold Hubble Connected, Binatone or any of its agents, employees, investors or members liable for any loss, damage or injury arising in connection with the use and operation of the device, regardless of cause.

  1. The device is meant to be used only with healthy babies and the notifications are based on national averages of heartbeat and respiration. It is designed for general wellness use and classified as a low -risk Information Technology Equipment device that can withstand the electrical safety, mechanical conditions, user safety, and overall performance requirements for non-regulated and in-home consumer use. As a result, the device is not considered a medical device.

  1. The device is not to be used as a diagnostic tool and should not be used if your doctor recommends the use of a hospital pulse oximeter or apnea monitor.

  1. The device is intended to act as an aid in caring for your baby and is not intended to replace, be used without, or in lieu of monitoring by a responsible adult. It should only be used under adult supervision.

  1. The device is not intended to replace, modify or supplement a prescribed medical device, and is not intended to be a substitute for obtaining medical advice or treatment from your physician or healthcare provider. Please see a doctor in addition to using the app and before making any medical decisions based on, in lieu of or triggered by information received on this app.

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