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18 months(worth $50) included in your Hubble connected baby monitor purchase.

* Features available after 18 months at no cost.


$9.99 $4.99 /mo


$99.99 $49.99 /yr

Unlock more amazing benefits
with HubbleClub Premium.

*Connected Devices

View motion, sound and other alerts across multiple devices

Up to 2 Devices

Unlimited Devices

*Smart Scheduling of Alerts

Silence all notifications based on your preference

Camera Sharing with Extended Family

Share baby cam access with caregivers across locations

*Smart Alerts Based on Your Location

Motion triggered alerts once you move a set distance from baby

Go Handsfree

Get voice notifications for all important alerts, and use your voice assistant to invoke functionality on the app.
Try "Show me my baby cam

*24/7 Live Video & Audio Monitoring

Round the clock monitoring so you don’t miss a moment

*Snapshot During Live Feed
*Motion Activated Video Recordings

More Info Here!

1 Day Storage

7 Day Storage

Video Recording During Live Feed

See it - like it - record it - save the moment forever!

10 per Month


Baby Zone

Create Smart Boundaries & Only Receive Notifications When Movement is Detected in Those Areas

1 Fixed Baby Zone

Unlimited Baby Zones

Split Screen View

Multiple views of home and baby at a glance

Monitor up to 4 Cameras

*Soothing Lullabies & Audiobooks

More entertainment with our collection of lullabies and audiobooks

4 Lullabies & 8 Audiobooks

32 Each

Personal Audio Recordings

Soothe baby with recordings of your own voice

Up to 1 Minute

Up to 2.5 Minutes

Smart Actions for Lullabies & Audiobooks

Predetermine time limits for lullabies to shut off automatically

*Baby Growth & Development Tracker

Keep track of baby’s growth with growth & development tools

*Alexa & Google Home Integration

Try “ Alexa, ask Hubble to play a lullaby”

Video Sleep Diary

View baby’s activities through the night in one place

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