What Security Cameras are Good for Small Apartments?

June 24, 2020 6 min read

What Security Cameras are Good for Small Apartments?

motorola focus71 hubble connected

Irrespective of whether you stay in a house or live in an apartment, security cameras are never a liability. It is always a good idea to have eyes on your living quarters at all times in order to improve security.

This way, you can make yourself, your family, and your property a lot more secure. Given that you live in an apartment, you would not exactly have to spend a lot on purchasing a great piece of equipment or having to buy multiple cameras compared to living in a house.

Also, you would be looking to get cameras that are not very large so that they don’t stand out and look awkward.

Whatever you’re getting has to be well suited to your living space and of course, has to be very functional and effective as well.

Following these basic requirements, there are a number of home surveillance cameras that fit these descriptions perfectly.

Despite the fact that they maintain a small size, they do not in any way compromise on great features or functionality.

In addition, these security surveillance cameras possess some of the best specifications for a house monitoring camera.

So, if you’re looking for great options when you want to buy video surveillance cameras, here are some of the best on the market that is worth every cent.

Best Security Cameras for Small Apartments

1 - Motorola FOCUS71 Wi-Fi HD Indoor Camera

Essential features are a vital factor that you need to consider when buying a home video camera. You need to be certain that the camera you are buying has absolutely all the necessary features.

The Motorola FOCUS71 is specially designed to be used indoors and comes with WiFi for encrypted video streaming at a very high of up 1080p HD with your compatible smartphone or tablet as the screen.

Given the night vision and true color filter that this camera comes with, you can easily use it at night as well. These features allow you to see in the dark very clearly and also brighten up dimly lit areas.

The Focus 71 is small, lightweight, and comes with a. 90-degree angle of view so that you can see a wide area at a single glance. The digital tilt and zoom feature further ensures that you can adjust the camera and bring images up close at will.

A base is available for mounting on walls, so you're left with the option of either setting it on a stable surface or the alternative of opting for wall mounting.

It comes with a built-in high sensitivity microphone and a speaker that picks up sounds and transmits them very clearly to you. In addition, there is a two-way communication feature that allows you to communicate with your loved ones via the camera.

In addition, footage can always be saved on SD cards up to 32 GB and if you want more space, you’ve got cloud storage at your disposal as well.

Using the Hubble for Motorola Monitors app, you can easily access a live feed of your apartment anytime from a compatible smartphone or tablet.

Also, you can decide areas that you want the camera to focus on. This action is regarded as setting up SmartZone boundaries.

Whenever sound or motion is detected in these areas, an alert would be sent to your device instantly and in real-time as well. And with Google Assistant and Alexa at your disposal, you don’t have to lift a finger. Just instruct them to turn on the camera and you’re good to go.

2 - Motorola FOCUS86 WiFi HD Home Monitoring Camera

If you’ve got nosy kids who need an eye to be kept on them at all times but you just don’t have that luxury of time, the FOCUS86 camera may be a great idea. This camera helps you keep tabs on everything that goes on in your home at any time.

It comes with full HD resolution and a Wi-Fi feature so that you can always keep tabs on your home from anywhere provided you have a compatible computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Provided you have an internet-enabled device, the Motorola FOCUS86 can effectively convert it into a working home video monitor. All you’ve got to do is download the Hubble app on a compatible device and you can easily monitor your home in resolution up to 1080p.

It comes with a pre-installed 8GB microSD card with which you can store previously recorded footage and then view via the Hubble app. With up to 24-hour recorded video history, you can be certain that you wouldn’t be missing out on any action whenever you’re away from home.

A two-way audio communication feature ensures that you can communicate with your folks back at home from anywhere. The infrared light from the camera helps you see in the dark thanks to this camera’s incredible night vision optics.

Similarly, you have motion, sound, and room temperature notifications in place so that you can stay rest assured that anything out of the ordinary and you get a notification.

Motion detection results in a notification being sent to your compatible device and a snapshot are uploaded to Hubble app.

The camera comes with a high sensitivity microphone that allows you to detect the softest sound and given that you have sound-triggered notifications too, nothing escapes your hearing. If your home gets too cold or too hot, you get temperature change notifications on your compatible device too.

With the Hubble app, you can stream camera security surveillance footage live and in real-time thanks to the highly sensitive microphone available to pick up sounds and transmit them to you.

And if you want to opt instead for recording the video directly to your device, the push of a button Mayer and manual video recording and snapshot features would be activated.

If you intend to keep lots of footage but are limited by storage space, the Hubble’s optional Cloud Video Recording (CVR) service is not a bad idea. It allows you to record video uploads and stores in the cloud.

Irrespective of your geographic location, you can always access these videos whenever you want and there are different options including one, seven, or thirty days of motion-triggered recorded video.

When setting up this camera set for home security, all you have to do is follow the simple instructions in the pack and you’re good to go.

3 - Motorola FOCUS66-BLK2

The Motorola FOCUS66-BLK2 is an amazing choice for small apartments, namely because first off, it has two cameras which translate to a larger area being covered and next because it is a great piece of equipment.

This is definitely one of the best security cameras for your home and the streaming is in High Definition so that you can see very clearly. The WiFi feature ensures that you can have an eye on your home irrespective of where you are.

Being kept constantly in the loop concerning motion, sounds as well as changing room temperatures is as easy as receiving notifications directly to your mobile.

The house video camera is designed to have features such as a motion trigger so that you can get snapshots of whatever triggered the motion sensors.

Basically, once motion is detected, you get notifications. In addition, it comes with a highly sensitive microphone that picks up sounds and sends notifications too.

With features like manual video recording and image snapshots, you can always stay in the loop regarding exactly what is going on at home.

Two-way communication features ensure that they can hear you at home and they can hear and answer you right back as well.

Night vision guarantees that you’re not at a loss as

to what is going on even in the dark. Any device that is compatible and internet-enabled can be converted into a screen that works just great.

Matter of fact, all you’ve got to do is download the Hubble App and stream videos in resolution as high as 720p with sound.

Direct recording on the device can be done by the push of a button and you can manually record videos or engage the image snapshot features.

If you need lots of space for your videos, then using Hubble’s Cloud Video Recording (CVR) service is a great idea.

These videos can be accessed anywhere in the world by you and the options that are available to you include one, seven, or thirty days of motion-triggered recorded video.

Setup is not tricky at all and requires minimal

efforts and of course, no need to acquire unnecessary technical knowledge before fixing. All you have to do is take the video camera out of the packaging, plug it in, and then download the free Hubble app on your device.

  • The steps for setting up the camera could be easily read on the pack of the camera. If it says to take a particular step, ensure that you’re exactly that. In no time, your camera should be good to go.

The Bottomline

The importance of cameras cannot be overemphasized, however, you need to make sure that you pick out the best.

This way, you’ve got great quality and features too.

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